How Can You Achieve Flat Roof Insulation Well?

11 janvier 2018 - 00:47

For a lot of flat owners, the way to achieve flat roof insulation of their apartment or house is an important topic, and here is a guide for them to insulate their flat roof effectively.

Why it is Needed?

Perhaps the first question that you will think of is in first place why should you insulate a flat roof? Well, this is because if the flat roofs are on extensions or on the bathroom, then they will be losing a lot of heat since they are quite prone to leaking, and this will cause the materials to deteriorate. This means that if leave unattended, the materials on the flat roof will break very easily and therefore you will need to take care of it.

How can you take care of it? The method is to insulate it when you are plan to change covering of the roof. This is a cheap way to do so.

Cold and Warm Flat Roof Insulation

There are two ways of doing flat roof insulation—one warm and one cold. This depends on the types of flat roof you are concerning with. Many traditional flat roofs are that of the cold roof type, and this means that there is a vapor control later on the ceiling and cross ventilation on the top of the walls. The reason for having this is that condensation process can be facilitated but the problem of this is that this is lead to a loss of heat.

Another type of flat roofs is called the warm roof and for this type of roof, insulation can be put below the wealth proof membrane or above it. The former is called a warm roof deck construction while the latter. one is called an inverted warm deck.

Roof Covering

This is one of the factors that you should pay attention to when you are doing flat roof insulation. It is possible for you to use a simple TPO membrane, or you can also use ballast on the top of the roof to achieve better insulation. A green roof can also be chosen, which means that you can put some grass or other plants on the roof. This can also help you to insulate the flat roof to a large extent but you need to make sure that the weight of the plants can be supported by the roof.

Should we put the insulation inside of the house?

Well, we all talked about how to achieve insulation from the outside of the roof, and how about we start from the inside of the house? It is not a good idea actually and you will soon know why. There are high chances of this to cause enough troubles with the dampness which will make the electrics inside the house very risky. Also, fixing it on the roof top can also help to prevent all the bridging between thermals and maintain the thermal mass of the structure warm.

If you follow this guide strictly, then I am sure that you can do flat roof insulting well.